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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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Yearbook Team wins Gold Award! - Posted: Mon, Nov 29, 2021, 05:36 pm - By Kathleen Windsor
We are very excited to Join Chinook's Edge School Division in announcing that the Didsbury High Yearbook Team won a national Gold Medal!

Award winnersChelsea Budd (pictured right with the Didsbury High School student yearbook team) has received the Gold Award in the National Yearbook Program of Excellence - one of only five schools in all of Canada!

Chelsea Budd graduated from Didsbury High School in 2013 and is now the school's Librarian. She has always appreciated the memories and stories wrapped inside the annual yearbook, so two years ago she decided to take over the project with a team of student volunteers. Last week, the school received a Gold Medal for their efforts!

"This is awarded to programs based on the extraordinary efforts that go into creating a yearbook and making it accessible to every student," as appeared in a note from Jostens Canada Ltd. "With over 15,000 yearbook schools working with Jostens, your school is truly exceptional to have achieved this recognition."

“I became interested in layout and design while I was a student here, in my classes with Mr. (Mark) Leggette,” said Chelsea. “He was the lead on the yearbook and he taught me so much about computers and photography, that I studied graphic design after school.

Once I became the Librarian in 2018, and after Mr. Leggette retired, taking over the yearbook was a natural fit! It ties my love of awesome stories and beautiful designs perfectly. It's exciting to cover the whole school population, and it's fun to put together a collection of all the great things happening at our school."

She added, "we try to grow our yearbook crew, because it really requires a lot of work all year to make it meaningful. I gained so many skills by being involved in yearbook when I was a student and it really triggered something down the road that led to my career.

I hope the same for our students who are involved. At the very least, we built a great yearbook together and I'm so proud of them!”

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