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Humane Society's Survivor Pool - Posted: Mon, Feb 22, 2021, 06:51 pm - By Kathleen Windsor
The Wild Rose Humane Society has set up a fundraiser that not only helps our little animals, but local businesses as well!

Consider bringing a new cat into your home while you are present all day and able to give you new feline friend lots of extra love and attention.Gift Card Survivor is a pool where the surviving participants win all the gift cards! The game is limited to a maximum of 100 teams of 4 people each.

COLLECTION PHASE: You can sign up a team and purchase a ticket and a gift card from February 19th to March 19th at 11 pm. An Entry Fee of $25 PLUS a $25 gift card of your choosing PER PERSON is required.

Tickets can be purchased online. Gift cards can be dropped off at the Wild Rose Humane Society weekday mornings between 10 am - 12 pm. If it's more convenient, a WRHS representative is happy to arrange to pick up your team's gift cards. To arrange for a pick up, contact Mark at

The Humane Society encourages participants to purchase gift cards from locally owned businesses and help support our own business community.

ELIMINATION PHASE: Elimination draws will run from March 22th at 2 pm and continue until March 26th. The first team voted off will receive 4% of the gift cards. Results will be posted daily on their website and Facebook page.

The final draw will be made live March 30th at 5 pm. Eligible teams will be e-mailed a Zoom link to attend.

There is NO limit to the number of entries per person. You can be on as many teams as you want, or appear on the same team more than once!

Prize Payout:
1st place- 56% of Gift Cards
2nd place- 32% of Gift Cards
3rd place- 8% of Gift Cards
1st team voted off - 4% of Gift Cards

Gift Card Survivor is open to anyone over the age of 18.

IF you have any questions, contact Mark at 403-438-0017, or e-mail

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