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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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Didsbury History Book Available - Posted: Sun, Oct 4, 2020, 01:35 pm - By Kathleen Windsor
Didsbury's history is coming alive with the release of our town's new history book. Boxes of "Didsbury and District Heritage - Tales of Yesterday, Stories of Today, For People of Tomorrow" arrived at the Didsbury Museum at the end of September and are ready to be picked up by families and story lovers now.

A community's history told by the people who made history.The project was presented to the board of the Didsbury and District Historical Society by then-president, Frankie Kelly. Members embraced the project with open arms and the work began - not just on compiling stories, but on acquiring financing for this huge project.

The plan was to capture the last 50 years in stories and events, before they were lost, to share and spark learning through history.

In 1968, the history book “Echoes of an Era” was compiled by the Kinette Club of Didsbury. It is a detailed family history of area pioneers and residents. A pictorial themed book, “Images: The Story of a Community - Didsbury" came next, and three booklets followed in 1980 to celebrate Alberta's 75th Anniversary.

This 2020 book picks up where those previous publications left off. If you want to learn more about Didsbury and area, this book gives you stories of the families who helped grow this town from about 1,800 people to over 5,300 fifty years later.

The Didsbury and District Historic book is at the Museum (2110 - 21 Ave) and available for purchase. Cost is $40.

Enjoy the childhood memories shared here. Some will even trigger memories for you of stories told by your own parents and grandparents.

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