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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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Access to Food in our region - Posted: Thur, Feb 27, 2020, 11:49 am
Thanks to the efforts of Céileann Regan, Public Health Dietitian for the Didsbury Health Unit and Airdrie Community Health Centre, the "Access to Food" resource has been updated and is ready for you!

Everyone should have equal access to food in Didsbury, Alberta, and in Canada.Access to Food provides those who are struggling to afford food the knowledge of where to access food in their community.

The Access to Food resource provides information which helps agencies working with and individuals seeking ways to obtain food when they do not have enough money.

Content includes:
* Free and low cost food services
* What is needed to access the services
* How to access the services

The Access to Food resource is intended for agencies working with and clients who live in Didsbury and area and are seeking ways to obtain food when they do not have enough money.

Access to Food List

Please feel free to forward this handout to other disciplines, programs or partners. The handout has also been sent to a very comprehensive list of community agencies, churches and programs.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please contact Céileann Regan at 403-912-8483 (Monday to Thursday).

Airdrie Region's Access to Food List

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