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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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Super Smash Mario Oct 26th - Posted: Thur, Oct 3, 2019, 11:12 am
Know anybody that plays? Let them know so they can come to Didsbury's Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mountain View Tournament and have some fun!

Super Smash Bros Tournament comes to Didsbury.Only a few video games can be genuinely called a “phenomenon”. And even for those, it's not until the dust of anticipation and the industry's hype-driven marketing settles, that the true test of endurance begins, not only for the game but also for the loyal fans that dedicate themselves to it.

It's been about twenty years since the initial release of the family-friendly fighting game “Super Smash Bro. Ultimate,” and the folks at the Zion Church are grabbing hold of this phenomenon and inviting all gamers to the Mountain View Tournament.

Event runs from 12 - 7 pm on Saturday, October 26th.

This is fun and all the kids will have a great time, not just playing, but laughing and talking it up all day.

Entry fee is $2.00 venue fee plus $5.00 per event pre-registration (or $10 at the door). Prize Pot: $100 guaranteed! Open to Singles and doubles and all skill levels. Rules: 3 lives, 7 minutes, no items, Best of 3. Finals are Best of 5. Double elimination. Specific stages. Event will be livestreamed and recorded.

Register Here.

The Zion Evangelical Missionary Church is located at the corner of Highway 582 and 20th Avenue, just east of the hospital and Rosebud Campground.

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