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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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Can you build a Scarecrow? - Posted: Sat, July 6, 2019, 10:49 pm
"Do you wanna build a - Scarecrow?" New words to a great little song are just what's needed here in Didsbury. People to build Scarecrows!

As everyone joins in on the fun during the Mountain View Arts Festival, it only makes sense that there be Scarecrows, and that's exactly what's happening at the Didsbury Museum - in fact, it'll be a PARADE of scarecrows!!

Award winner from Patty Loades in 2018.The Didsbury Museum is hosting the 6th Annual Scarecrows on Parade Competition in conjunction with the Mountain View Arts Festival (September 7 and 8).

Everyone is invited to put their artistic thinking caps on and plan your scarecrow(s) for the Scarecrows on Parade Competition.

Scarecrows will be on display at the Didsbury Museum from September 4 to 8. They must be at the Museum by Friday, the 6th. Please call (403-335-9295 or 403-335-9445) before you come so someone can be there to assist you with set up.

$50 Cash Prizes will be awarded in these 6 different categories:
Children under 12
Students 12 and over

Not only do organizations and individuals have fun entering the competition, but the Town of Didsbury Council has challenged other area Councils to see which community can create the best scarecrow!

CALLING ALL BUSINESSES - Here's your chance to "beat the competition"! Challenge your business partners, associates, or the store next door. Let's get the entire town involved!

At the Festival, come over and vote for your favourite scarecrow and take pictures with these creative characters. Winners will be announced at the Museum on Saturday afternoon.

Pack a lunch and have a picnic with your favourite scarecrow, too!

Scarecrows can be left on the Museum lawn until Sept 30, but when you come to take them home, please let the folks at the Museum know that you are taking them when you do.

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