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Photos of Didsbury by photographer Carla Victor.
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Progress Report on new library - Posted: Mon, Sep 11, 2017, 06:25 pm
By now, you probably know that Didsbury is expanding its library. A architectural firm has been hired and consultations with community members have taken place. The plan is for the library to expand into the previous Town of Didsbury Main Office.

Library comes to Didsbury!Building inspections have been completed, Needs Assessments are done, and drafts for the floor plan have been revised. The committee now moves on to ensure that the appropriate project moves forward in a cost effective and time appropriate manner.

In total, over 200 people participated in the library's needs assessment workshops, garnering over 700 responses and ideas for the library.

The project will see a necessary renovation of the components of the building to achieve some of the following goals:

* A focus on social spaces, promoting literacy and lifelong learning;
* Adaptability for the library of the future;
* Prolonging the lifecycle of the building;
* A special place that is a source of civic pride;
* Refurbishment of the exterior fašade in keeping with the Central Core Heritage district;
* Meeting the needs of a diverse and growing population;
* Increasing the collaborative spaces;

As it looks now, should the project be approved by council and project funding is secured, it is expected that finalizing the design and contract documents will take approximately 7 months. Ideally, this phase would start in the fall, allowing it to continue during the winter months to be ready for construction in the spring. Construction of a renovation is anticipated to take approximately 10 months. The estimated construction cost (excluding allowances and contingencies) totals $2,627,575.

Read more about the plans on Page 57 of the September 12th Council Meeting Agenda.

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